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Northern Mariana Islands tourism after Hurricane Yutu

hi welcome to another myd global episode I’m your host Leann Hackman-Carty in today’s episode I’m speaking with Maxine Laszlo the executive director of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce if you don’t know where Saipan is it’s actually in the Northern Mariana Islands which is in the area of Guam it’s really in the Micronesia… Read More »

The Best Way to Enslave a Dolphin

A little under three years ago, just off the coast of the island chain of Ogasawara, I got to swim with wild dolphins. Not dolphins fed by hand to come up to the boat, not dolphins kept in a pool, not dolphins trained for tourist purposes. Just dolphins in the Pacific. And while it was… Read More »

Keyword Marketing & SEO For Tourism – When Words Fail You

Hello I am Ian Clayton and we are back again with another deep thought into SEO and keyword research. In this session i want to talk a bit more about finding the right keyword, That will bring you new business EVEN when you product and service is not on the map.. I mean by that… Read More »

Marine Biology Department at California State University Long Beach

So you think if I want to understand how life on earth works, I want to understand how life in the oceans work. We want you to do the science. You know we want you to experience that and know what it’s like. In our program, undergraduates get a very heavy introduction very quick, and… Read More »

Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands

three – when I was a kid I had a glob on my desk and I used to love spinning it closed my eyes point my finger somewhere random and then open them up to see where I landed letting my imagination run free about what that country would be like and if I’d ever… Read More »

10 Secret Places Vienna Locals Don’t Want Tourists To Know About

10 Secret Places Vienna Locals Don’t Want Tourists To Know About

Grand Cayman’s Famous Stingrays – Trailer

In the shallow, turquoise clear waters of Grand Cayman’s North Sound, dozens of wild southern stingrays glide effortlessly through the sea. These southern rays are very, very important to the Cayman Islands from an ecotourism perspective. Tourists from all over the world come to the site to interact with the animals. You don’t get that… Read More »