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Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Hotel and Room Tour

Hi It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Today we are going to take a look at the beautiful Riu Palace Hotel in one of our favorite cruise destinations; Cabo San Lucas. When you arrive at the entrance side of the Riu Palace you’re greeted by solemn statue surrounded by tons of agave plants. On this side of… Read More »

Salzburg Vacation Travel Guide

Salzburg is one of the most popular cities of Austria. It is the capital city of the State of Salzburg, the fourth-largest city in Austria, Salburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart It is dominated by churches, castles and palaces. Its picturesque old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1996. Its main… Read More »

Differences Between Travelling and Vacations

Hello everyone, welcome back to Advance in English! My name is Roxana and in today’s video I’m going to explain a few differences between going on holiday or going on vacation versus going backpacking or going traveling. Let’s talk about it! This is a really common question that I get asked not just from English… Read More »

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Theme Song Tribute Cover by Phil Stokes and Lucas McGraw

it’s that time christmas time is here everybody knows there’s not a better time of year Hear that sleigh Oh Santa’s on his way hip-hip-hooray Christmas vacation Gotta a ton of stuff to celebrate (jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-ling) now it’s getting closer I can’t wait (jang-a-lang-a-lang-a-lang-lang) Gonna make this holiday as perfect as can be just wait and… Read More »

QNET Products | QVI Club (2012) – Vacations

Step into QVI Club, a vibrant world of discovery, fun and flexibility. At QVI Club, we offer various vacation memberships and holiday packages for you to discover a whole world of new and exciting travel experiences. With QVI Club, you can choose from Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Vacation Club Memberships, depending on your holiday… Read More »

What Happens When Friends Go On Opposite Vacations?

Most Beautiful Beach in Cuba? (Trinidad)

Why don’t you show everybody how that door opens. Go ahead. Do that again. You got it, you got it. What’s going on folks. Jon episode three from Trinidad, Cuba. And today we’re going to check out the beach for the first time. Vamos a la playa. And we just negioated a taxi for 7… Read More »

Best Tourist Attractions Places To Travel In Canada | Gwaii Haanas National Park Destination Spot

Best Tourist Attractions Places To Travel In Canada | Gwaii Haanas National Park Destination Spot – Tourism In Canada – Trip to Canada


So hello! It’s morning in Boracay… and I will go now to the bar… Ronnie is now washing his face to get ready… So my aunt gave me a bracelet to wear… right to the bar So this is their comfort room The print in my back is awesome I’ll just see my Good Morning!… Read More »