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Elisabeth Moss Wants To Be In A Hallmark Christmas Movie

I hear that there are some congrats in order, because it was Independent Spirit Award nomination? – [Elisabeth] Yes! – That’s amazing! (audience claps and cheers) – Do you still get like, I mean I’m 37, and I’m 17 years into it, and I still get like, oh my god I got nominated, that’s cool… Read More »

Expectativa VS. Realidad: Vacaciones

Holidays Expectations VS. Reality Expectation Happy Holidays! YOU CAN GO!! *joyous celebration & rejoicing* Reality Happy Holidays! YOU CAN GO!! *Joyous celebration and rejoicing* Except for you, Valencia Why? What do you mean, Why? Because you stayed for the substitution you have to go to summer school, level in your subjects, and act as janitor… Read More »

Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets About Hotels

– Hmm, I don’t want to get in trouble (laughs) with this one. (squeaking) – How can you get things for free? Upgraded room or a comped room? I definitely recommend that you just ask, or complain about the view, size, or if the room’s dirty, your neighbors are loud, whatever the case may be.… Read More »

24 Hour 5 STORY CAT HOTEL Box Fort

hey I am the nice kid three defeat booze it is honestly such an honor to meet you sir I heard so much about you for mr. Wiggles yeah well I if you want to if you want to get to bed now mr. fluffy balls will be happy to shut down the hotel for… Read More »

Kelly Weeps During Touching Story Of Mister Rogers Visiting A Little Girl In The Hospital

– All right y’all we put it out there and your response was overwhelming. From acts big to small, people all over the country took extra time to get to know their neighbors. There are too many stories to talk about all of them today, but this hour I’m sharing some that really stood out… Read More »

L.A. River Tourism Video

You want a nice holiday. Lush riverfront property Free drugs Whoops! Hepatitis C …My Amazon packages! Pitch a tent where you want to. Stolen bicycle rentals. Don’t let John Conner get away. Canoga Park to the Long Beach Harbor. Built to prevent flood water. Now it’s a petri dish for AIDs. In the LA River… Read More »

Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Hotel and Room Tour

Hi It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Today we are going to take a look at the beautiful Riu Palace Hotel in one of our favorite cruise destinations; Cabo San Lucas. When you arrive at the entrance side of the Riu Palace you’re greeted by solemn statue surrounded by tons of agave plants. On this side of… Read More »