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18 Weird & Wonderful Holidays To Celebrate in The New Year

Did you know that there’s a retail holiday bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined?   Hi, I’m Erin McCarthy, editor-in-chief of mentalfloss.com. Singles’ Day is celebrated in China on November 11th, and it’s a behemoth of a day for online sales. The story goes that the holiday originally started at Nanjing University in China… Read More »

Let It Snow Cast Tries Holiday Pick Up Lines | Charm Battle | Netflix

– Hey guys. I’m Kiernan. – Matthew. – Hi, I’m Mitch. – And we’re in the Netflix movie “Let It Snow”. – In that film Matthew and I are both pining for the Duke’s affection. – So today we’re going to see who is the most charming in real life. – This is Charm Battle,… Read More »

Productivity and Growth: Crash Course Economics #6

Adriene: Hi, I’m Adriene Hill. Mr. Clifford: And I’m Jacob Clifford. And welcome to Crash Course Economics. Adriene: So far we talked about GDP and how the overall economy, but we haven’t really talked about why some countries have a high GDP and others have low GDP. So, why are some countries rich, and others… Read More »