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Most Expensive Works of Art Destroyed By Tourists

Imagine it was your job to protect objects of great value that are considered national treasures. Day after day you witness hordes of tourists getting off the bus and rushing towards the place where you work. Some of those guys are half-baked from afternoon drinking, and time after time you have to tell people, “Don’t… Read More »

Complete Guide to Visiting the Beautiful Islands of Okinawa Japan|Day 106-109 – Okinawa

Traveling to all 47 prefectures of Japan, vlogging every day I’m out, this is Odigo47 Hey guys, so as the last prefecture on our quest to cover EVERY prefecture of Japan, we got to spend it in the beautiful Okinawa islands. It is the most southern prefecture in Japan with a population a lil over… Read More »

Visiting A Gay Bathhouse: “It Was A Great First Time.”

I had been in therapy to become a straight person, and part of the therapy was to date women. I found, actually, a very, very beautiful, a very talented woman, and had a wonderful successful relationship with her. Though we weren’t married, we were contemplating it and I would spend weekends in her apartment in… Read More »

Y Tu Mamá También – Arriving at the beach

Julio and Tenoch thought Luisa was sleeping. They didn’t know that her fear prevented her from doing so. It had nothing to do with darkness or with what was surrounding her.

Vinny Shares a Heartwarming Story | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Amen. Go, go, go, go. I’ll get it. Guys, we’re shooting a show. Quiet on the set. Anybody want extra sauce? So good. Oh, I’ll have a little extra sauce, please. Okay. Thank you. Next to my mother’s cooking, Paula, Vinny’s mom, is just fantastic. I love her cutlets, I love her pasta. Everything she… Read More »

Kalale Lakshmikantha temple Nanjanagudu tourism Mysore tourism temples of Karnataka tourism

Mysore Districts, Nanjangudu taluks we are at Kalale village, here is a special Lakshmikantha temple along with that there are seven other temples along with that the day i have come, here the Gandapudi festival is going on along with the festival and temple come let us see the speciality of this village as well… Read More »

A Rich Holiday: The Great Tree and the Pink Pig | Rich’s Remembered

*indistinguishable talking and cash register bells* *Carolers sing Caroling, Caroling* ‘Twas the night of Thanksgiving, from all over the city, expected Atlantians came to see something pretty. But first, Come along, honey. We’ve got to find a present for daddy. Ooo, look mommy! I wanna ride the Pink Pig. Please, please, please? That’s right, a… Read More »

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 3, Musselburgh Old Links

Bud, this is the oldest golf course there is. First one. That’s unbelievable what a world here we are in. Places like Musselburgh aren’t supposed to exist. Not today. It’s a relic from the origins of tournament golf. It’s it’s literally inside a horse track. Not an old timey long abandoned horse track. An active… Read More »