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Weekly German Words with Alisa – Tourism

Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is tourism. The first word is [Karte] ticket. It is feminine and it is [die Karte] is also used as map. [Bevor ich die Bahn nehme muss ich eine Karte kaufen.] – “Before I take the train, I have to get a… Read More »

British Holidays – Christmas

hi everyone I’m Gina it’s getting cold there are lights and decorated trees everywhere you look that can only mean that it’s nearly the 25th of December and nearly Christmas Day in this lesson you’re going to learn about how Christmas is celebrated in Britain if we think of Christmas we think of snow scenes… Read More »

Learn American Holidays – Memorial Day

hi everyone I’m Alisha Memorial Day in the United States dates back to the Civil War it’s one of the two major u.s. holidays specifically associated with fallen soldiers it was more popular at the beginning of the 20th century than it is today but it’s still an important holiday in the US Memorial Day… Read More »

German Holiday Words with Alisa – OKTOBERFEST

Hi my name is Alisa. Welcome to weekly words holidays. Today we are going to talk about Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest, yes. It actually starts every year end of September and goes into October even though it’s called Oktoberfest. I’ve been to it once. It’s near Munich. There are some other little Oktoberfest that happens around Germany… Read More »

American Holidays – Easter Sunday

hi everyone I’m Alicia Easter Sunday in the United States is among the most important religious holidays in the nation there are also secular events held around this holiday and in some cases families celebrate traditions other than the Christian one for Christians the holiday is centered on the resurrection of Jesus Christ churches hold… Read More »

American Holidays – Mother’s Day

hi everyone I’m Alicia mother’s day is held on the second Sunday in May of every year it’s one of the most important commercial holidays in the nation the holiday is over 100 years old and was officially declared a federal holiday in 1914 originally the holiday was celebrated by hanging a flag to recognize… Read More »

British Holidays – Remembrance Day

hi everyone I’m Gina Remembrance Day in the UK is the 11th of November and this is a day when we honor the memories of those who died fighting for their country in this lesson you’re going to learn about how the war dead are commemorated in the UK on the 11th of November at… Read More »

Weekly Portuguese Words with Jade – Tourism

Oi gente! This is Jade Furuta and welcome to another Portuguese weekly words. So let’s check out today’s theme. It’s Tourism. Yeah, I love this topic, let’s go. Guia. This is actually one of my jobs, guia. Guia turístico which means “travel guide.“ Eu sou uma guia turística. I am a travel guide. igreja, igreja… Read More »

British Holidays – Guy Fawkes Day

hi everyone I’m Gina remember remember the fifth of November gunpowder treason and plot if you live in the UK you will know that rhyme and what it means if you don’t then you soon well it refers to Guy Fawkes Day an annual celebration on the 5th of November in this lesson you’re going… Read More »

British English Holidays – St. David’s Day

hi everyone and Jeana there we Sant as it’s known in Welsh or Saint David it’s a patron saint of Wales and st. David’s Day is celebrated by the Welsh on the 1st of March in this lesson you’re going to learn about st. David’s Day why isn’t the Welsh flag represented on the flag… Read More »