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S. Korean tourism, petrochemical industries threatened by COVID-19

with the outbreak grappling the global community one of the industries slammed hardest by the spread of the kovat 19 is tourism and aviation sectors and that’s no exception here in the nation on top of that it’s oil refiners are also hurting as well or kim jae hee tells us more the coronavirus is… Read More »

My life in a hotel room: Ireland’s hidden homeless crisis

Laura, do you know where the bag with the antibiotics is? Oh, here. That’s one antibiotic. Don’t know where the room key is. Nuala and her daughter Laura are homeless. For the last two weeks, this hotel room has been their home. I can never find this. There is no normality. It’s the not knowing,… Read More »

“A KAWAIIAN HAWAIIAN VACATION” (S2, E2) – Toadal Drama World Cruise

Previously on Toadal Drama World Cruise! The contestants were taken to Fort Knox and had to retrieve some sort of budget for this season all while avoiding death! Donkey Kong didn’t get the staying alive memo and it cost him. Big time! Who will be on their way to the deep end today? Sit down… Read More »

top 10 Strange Mysterious Places to visit in the world

Number 10 these two bizarre mystical places are like from the underworld One of them is called a hell gate the view of the flame burning in the desert is bewitching and intriguing But not many have an idea how this wonder appeared in 1971 geologists started to drill for natural gas During the drilling… Read More »

The World’s Best Vacation Spots 🌴🌞

It’s finally summertime, and that means I’m going on vacation. But what is a vacation and where is the best place to go on vacation? Well, it all starts at the hospital which is where you go on vacation when you’re first born. Then you go on vacation to your house and you play with… Read More »

Holiday Ops 2020 in World of Tanks — The Holidays are Coming!

Headquarters Summer Picnic 2017

The Restored Church of God hosts a number of social events on its World Headquarters Campus, with members from many other states attending, as well as some international visitors. One of these is the annual Summer Picnic. It is a memorable occasion for brethren to enjoy fellowship, food and games. This year, the event was… Read More »

Traveling Balochistan Pakistan Qilla Saifullah City 2019

I am Traveling in Northwest part of Balochistan In this video, Qilla Saifullah City Tour by Bus My bus is passing through the Killa Saifullah District. On N50 Dera Ismael Khan – Quetta Highway Its population is about 350,000. It is famous for its fertile Soil producing fruits and vegetables. The best production of Apple,… Read More »