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“Some tourists deserve to be treated badly” | Respond to Drew Binsky’s Brunei Video

(Mumbling) Kimchi (Korean dish) Samyang (another Korean dish) I am hopeful of my chance to represent next year Confidence is key Babu Sinur’s quote We need to be confident You need to sell it I’m confused whether to use he or she Because his character is a mother I think I went the wrong way… Read More »

Ask Barbie About Holidays! | Barbie

– Ho, ho, ho. Welcome to Ask Barbie! The show where you ask, and I answer. (laugh) Today we’re talking about holidays. Jada Mc FP1 says, “Hi Barbie! Happy Holidays! What will y’all be doing for Christmas this year?” Hm, I always try to do something different every year to mix it up! (holiday music)… Read More »

YouTube Rewind 2019 Visa2explore I India Tourism

Namaskar! I wish you and all your family members a very Happy New Year 2020! In this video, I am going to share the top travel experiences of the year 2019. But before that, let me tell you my travel plans for the year 2020. I have Haryana on my mind! Lucknow! In the North,… Read More »

Jerzdays Will Never Be The Same 😱 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

– [Lauren] One last ride to Otisville. – Can I help you guys? – I’m picking up my husband. – [Mike] Oh my god, yes! I’ve been waiting for this moment for eight months. Turn up, we free. – Where to? – Back to the Jersey Shore. (Lauren laughs) – [Nicole] Oh my god, Mike’s… Read More »

RoadTripOK: Ep 31 – Hinton & Weatherford OK | Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department | TravelOK

– Today, we’re going to Hinton and Weatherford. We’re gonna go to the Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park, Gloria’s Kitchen and the Stafford Air and Space Museum. Let’s go. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is the “Oklahoma Road Trip.” From Clinton the team makes there way east toward Hinton. Our first stop of the day… Read More »

Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand – Things to Know before Visiting

We all know that there are so many markets in Thailand you can find street markets, floating markets, food markets, night markets and many many others.. But there is one in 75 kilometers away from Bangkok (it’s approximately 1 hour drive) that definitely stands out. It’s called the Maeklong Railway Market. So why is it… Read More »

Nicole & Angelina Hug It Out | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

– Today is gonna be a reset. Let’s cancel last night. (yelling) Erase, cancel it, yay, rise in drinks. (screaming) ♪ Now wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup ♪ ♪ Wassup, wassup, wassup ♪ – I hope the wind doesn’t blow Vinny away. We should put a string on him. Hormones, no hormones, I’m just glad that… Read More »

Croatia Tourist Guide

Croatia is known for its crystal clear waters pebbly beaches and medieval cities and historic ruins it is an amazing place for couples solo travelers and families this travel guide will show you what to do what to eat and where to stay welcome to our Croatia travel guide split and Dubrovnik are the two… Read More »

Drunk on vacation | 22 Minutes

Two large earthquakes rocked the Caribbean this week and in the days since the first quake struck we’ve been checking in with 22 Minutes correspodent Nancy O’Peterson who happens to be on vacation in Jamaica. Let’s go back to her now. Susan! Can you hear me okay Susan? Yes. So you didn’t hear me when… Read More »

#3.7 School lesson: future tourism

Usangi. The village in the Pare Mountains. From here you can start the hike to the Kindoroko Mountain. This is also a school that is involved with culture tourism. All revenue from tourism goes directly to the children. You can also sleep at this school, it’s a school stay. Well. We’re going to contribute a… Read More »