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Attracting Tourists with Move the Mouse | Parklife Tutorial Part 4 | Cities: Skylines

Move the Mouse here and I’m collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you tutorials for the new Parklife expansion. On my channel I focus on Cities: Skylines and primarily the Xbox version which is what the footage you’re seeing here is from. In this tutorial we’re talking about ways to boost your city’s tourism. Parklife… Read More »

QNET Products | QVI Club (2012) – Vacations

Step into QVI Club, a vibrant world of discovery, fun and flexibility. At QVI Club, we offer various vacation memberships and holiday packages for you to discover a whole world of new and exciting travel experiences. With QVI Club, you can choose from Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Vacation Club Memberships, depending on your holiday… Read More »

How to keep your stuff safe while you swim | Beach Hacks for Solo Travelers

I mean, I will pay for a locker five times, ten times, 20 times, if it means I won’t have my phone stolen. I think you would too. Get the locker, don’t risk it. But, if you do, follow these steps. (Music) Hi and welcome back to the channel. My name is Megan and, in… Read More »

Matesong (Official Video) Tourism Australia Ad 2019

– [Announcer] And we’re live in three, two, one. (piano music) ♪ This year’s been tough and confusing ♪ ♪ But progress is moving ♪ ♪ Well at glacial pace ♪ – Sorry. ♪ But all of Australia loves you ♪ ♪ And we’ll never judge you ♪ – You just need some space. ♪… Read More »

Visiting the Superior National Forest – BWCAW Part 1

[soft folk music] – Welcome. You’ve reserved a permit in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Whether this is your first or 50th trip, you’re sure to enjoy this unique wilderness area. The 1964 Wilderness Act created the National Wilderness Preservation System and included the Boundary Waters. The 1978 BWCAW Act added more acreage and… Read More »

NordLocker – Backup Your Vacation Memories

Just got back from your vacation? Before you backup the endless reel of travel snaps to the cloud… Encrypt your photos with NordLocker. This way, no one can get their eyes on your private memories.

Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers Overview – Fort Lauderdale Vacation Villa Rentals

Welcome to Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers. Our villa resort is ideally situated directly across the street from the beautiful Fort Lauderdale beaches. There are an array of shops, restaurants and nightclubs located directly below your vacation retreat. You are in the perfect place to sample everything this dazzling city has to offer. Enjoy a stroll along… Read More »

Boom Beach: Creating & Joining a Task Force

Have you ever wanted to team up with your fellow commanders? Well with this update, we’ll be introducing: Task Forces! A specially suited crew, with the sole mission of destroying the Blackguards new, devious and highly pollutant power bases. Are your headquarters at level 6? Excellent! Then we can start by creating a Task Force… Read More »

Cheer on the Daytona Tortugas in Daytona Beach, Florida!

For an afternoon or evening of fun and fanfare take your family out to the ball game. Head to the historic Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach to catch a game with the Daytona Tortugas, a Cincinnati Reds Class A-Advanced Affiliate. Tke part in America’s favorite pastime and create favorite family memories. You might even… Read More »