The Wizard Twins of Hotel High Starring Lilly Singh

By | March 5, 2020

-Disney Plus has basically
taken over entertainment. Anybody watching?
[ Cheers and applause ] Before, I’d never even heard
of Baby Yoda. Now I would die for him. And people are getting back
into Disney Channel classics. I’m talking stuff like “Jessie,”
“The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” “Wizards of Waverly Place.” [ Cheers and applause ] “That’s So Raven.”
All the classics. And I love all of these shows. They had so many
twists and turns. You never knew what to expect. But not everyone knows
about my Disney Channel show. Yeah. “The Wizard Twins
of Hotel High.” In it, I played Priya and Pooja, two magical twins who go
to high school in a hotel. Let’s take a look. ♪♪ -Hey, dorkasaurus. Yeah, you totally missed
hotel geography class. Mrs. Bellhop flipped out.
She even started to cry. -I was busy practicing
my spells! I’m this close to figuring out
how to make you disappear. -Well, I would say
that I’d make you invisible, but you’re so unpopular
that no one would even notice. -We do love each other, though. -Of course we do.
Sisters. Forever. [ Audience awws ] Look out. Here comes
Dakota Singh Shrimpton, the most popular girl
in our hotel-based school. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hmm.
-Hello, Priya. Pooja. I just thought you two should
know that I’m, like, popular and hate you
for unclear reasons. Also, I’m not secretly a robot disguised as a student
at our high-school hotel. [ Whirring ] -And the hotel is in space. -Uh, no duh.
-That’s it! I’m gonna call my genie and wish
for him to give you a pimple! -Girls! Girls! -[ Sighs ] No fighting in the space halls
of Hotel School, or I’ll have to send
all of you to detention… which is inside
of a big computer. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Oh. Hey, Taz Beamer,
our resident jock. Great job in last night’s
cyber-ball game. You certainly have turned out
to be an athletic young man. -Yes. Young man. Not the ghost of an old man
living in a young man’s body. [ Laughter ] Hey, Dakota, uh,
did anyone ask you out to Hotel Homecoming
Mega Prom 3000? -No. Not yet. [ Audience oohs ] -Great. It’s a date. We’ll do the Charleston
all night. Heh. Or, you know,
a current-day dance. Our school’s a hotel. -[ Gasps ] But wait! That’s the same night
as my secret spy mission! -[ Gasps ] -Wait. You’re a spy?!
-You’re a spy?! -But I’m a spy!
-But I’m a spy! -Uh-oh!
-Uh-oh! -Uh, don’t go there. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] [ Laughter continues ] -Also, I’m a vampire. -Is anything as it seems? Are any of you real?!
Is this hell?! [ Audience awws ] -Uh, don’t go there. [ Laughter ] -“The Wizard Twins of
Hotel High” will be right back after these commercials for capri pants
and LIVESTRONG bracelets.

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