Things to do in Miami Beach, Florida | SOUTH BEACH (2018 vlog)

By | March 5, 2020

Hello from Miami Beach! [Person] Hello Miami Beach! Yeah! Street parking! That’s because it’s really early. So here it is, it recognized immediately. It recognized that number immediately once I opened up I’m going to put two hours for now. Okay, two hours, here. Cool. There. Miami Beach is the hottest place in the Miami area, and I don’t mean just in terms of weather. First of all, and just in case you don’t know, Miami Beach is not Miami’s beach Meaning, it’s not just a beach in Miami It’s actually a city called “Miami Beach” located east of Miami. There are several roads connecting the island to the continent, the views are amazing. Miami Beach has very distinct areas with some pretty easy names to remember: North beach, Mid-beach, and South Beach if you want to party, the place to be is South Beach. Also, this is probably one of the most famous beaches in the entire country, so this is where I start. Let’s see the water. The water is so inviting, but I’m not getting in. Last year there was a shark attack in Miami Beach, right over there So I’m not risking. The beach here has rules and they ARE enforced, so this is what you need to know: Coolers, loud music and alcohol are not allowed here on the beach, there’s a huge sign back there that says exactly this. So I went online to see if there’s anything else and in fact there is You cannot bring cans and styrofoam cups. There was an article that I just read of a guy fined in 50 dollars for having a diet coke can here. And there is more: you cannot bring inflatable devices, that’s because people were bringing too many floats. And there is one more interesting thing about South Beach and Miami Beach: The beach actually closes, between midnight and 5 am, so for those who wanna be romantic late at night or those who get up early, make new plans. This would be perfect if it was not so hot right now. Let’s see how much. Hmm, Miami prices. Breakfast special, it seems like a good deal. This is Ocean Drive, the most famous street in Miami Beach. To sit outdoors in Miami you really need this mist. Ocean Drive is famous for the Art Deco buildings which is a style of visual arts, architecture and design. In the 1920’s and 30’s, every building that wanted to look modern and glamorous was built like this, let me show you some examples. The Colony Hotel is a classic, actually it’s considered the most photographed art deco building in Greater Miami This building is from 1939, it has already appeared in TV shows and movies here in the United States. In the next block we can see Clevelander Hotel, also in art deco. This hotel is now famous for pool parties. I heard that everyone can get in, not only guests. Gordon, wanna crash later? [Person I] Hi!
[Renata] Hi! [Person I] Miami! [Renata] Where are you guys from? [Person II] North Carolina! [Person I] They are visiting me!
[Renata] Awesome [Person I] My mom already wants to get a tattoo after one drink [Person II] One drink. [Renata] That’s great! [Person II] And 30 dollars for the booted stuff [Renata] How nice A lot of the buildings on Ocean Drive are hotels. This is their view. Casa Casuarina is among the most photographed houses in the entire North America. Today it’s a boutique hotel, but this was Gianni Versace’s house, the Italian fashion designer. Actually, this is where he was murdered in 1997, just outside his home. That’s why every South Beach tour has a stop right across the street. The reason why Ocean Drive is so popular is actually the nightlife. While most bars in the United States close at 2 in the morning, here they only close at 5 am. So many ocean front places to dine but I wanna try a place I saw a lot of people talking about here on YouTube, it’s a Cuban cafe called Las Olas. Apparently they have the best Cuban sandwiches in Miami Beach. Cuban culture is very strong here in Miami, they even have little Havana. Have you seen my previous vlog? Everybody there speaking Spanish, from those working to those eating. That sandwich was huge, I almost couldn’t finish. I only did because it was delicious. In the very end of South Beach you arrive at this park here, this is South Pointe park In my opinion, the best views of Miami Beach. If you are not into the hustle and bustle of Ocean Drive, come directly here Beautiful, beautiful views and there’s a pier over there, I’m going to take you guys there, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. This water now has the most beautiful color in the world, you can’t barely believe it. Several times I’ve heard about Española Way in South Beach, let me see what’s here. Official entrance. I saw online a lot of people saying the restaurants here are like tourist traps, with tourist prices, so I never came here for lunch or dinner. Very cute, it’s a pedestrian street. Basically there are only restaurants and a few stores. Now let me show another very nice place here in South Beach, This is Lincoln Road, it’s a street full of shops and restaurants. It’s worth it, coming for a stroll. This is another pedestrian street and I have the impression that restaurants here are busier compared to Española way. Yeah, some high end shops. But hey, there’s also H&M in a beautiful art deco building. [Gordon] Museum of ice cream! Look at this! [Gordon] Museum of ice cream, we gotta go there! [Renata] Shall we? [Gordon] No, not today. [Renata] So when? [Gordon] I don’t know, next time we’re here. Oh! So now let’s go see Mid-beach and North Beach See in terms, as there is no ocean front road, but I’ll stop in a couple of places to show you what they’re like. Here in Mid-beach you can’t drive along the coast, but you can definitely walk. Look at this, it’s so nice. There are some really good and nice hotels here in Miami Beach If you are coming to Miami for the lifestyle and the nightlife, it’s worth staying here in Miami Beach. It’s more expensive, way more expensive, but if you are going to come here every day it’s worth it, because there’s a lot of traffic to get here. Now, this is North Beach. And look at that, I actually found a place here with an ocean front avenue. And look at this, this beach closes even earlier compared to South Beach. This one closes at 10 pm. We were driving between Hollywood and Miami Beach and I saw something so fun that we had to stop and see this up close. Look at this! There are hundreds of boats here Everybody having fun, loud music, it’s like a party! This is the life! Oh, it winds so much! I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of Miami Beach today and now I would like to know what’s your favorite area in southern Florida? Not only in Miami Beach, but everything. There are so many nice places here, huh? Thank you very much for watching. Coolers, loud music and… what else? [Renata] This park here, this is where the shark attack was. [Renata] There’s a nude beach here [Gordon] Is there?
[Renata] Yeah [Gordon] Should we go? [laughs]

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