Things You MUST KNOW Before Visiting Pakistan

By | February 28, 2020

hi guys welcome to my channel after
travelling to Pakistan I’ve received a lot of questions about
my experience I am assuming I inspired some people to travel to Pakistan so I
decided to answer all of the questions in this video today I’m going to talk about what you
need to know before travelling to Pakistan before continuing make sure to
subscribe to my channel for more travel videos and tips Let me start with the most asked question Is Pakistan safe? I can only answer this question by saying
I’ve never felt unsafe during my trip to Pakistan Even though I’ve seen a lot of armed police checkpoints During our trip, we were only followed by armed police once at one of the attractions in Swat We didn’t feel uncomfortable or threatened at all, but we were told it was for our own safety but keep in mind that travelling to
Pakistan needs more research compared to other destinations you need to try to be smart when drafting your itinerary not all areas in Pakistan are the same
so you will need to be up-to-date about what is the current situation of the
places you want to visit The majority of Pakistan is safe but it is wise to have a local guide with you when you are travelling around the country Getting a tourist visa for Pakistan The good news is getting a tourist visa for Pakistan is very easy for most nationalities right now citizens of 175 countries can
apply online for a Pakistan visa the The prices vary depending on the country
you are from the process is pretty straightforward you should register on
this website, fill the online form, upload your documents and pay for your
application we did exactly that but we very see us to bring our passport to the
High Commission of Pakistan in London in person they didn’t keep any of our documents they just wanted to see the originals and a week later we were issued our visas via email The short-term tourist visa is valid for 3 months and for a single entry and it allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days the currency in Pakistan is the
Pakistani rupee you might not be able to exchange your currency into Pakistani
rupees at home but don’t worry about that you can do it in Pakistan easily
you can exchange US dollars, Euros or British pounds in Islamabad Some of the ATMs in Pakistan they support visa and Mastercards but this is not the case for all of them especially when you are travelling to other parts of Pakistan Pakistan is mostly cash-based, so make sure you have a reasonable amount of cash
with you when you’re roaming around We have also experienced that some hotels and guest houses out of Islamabad don’t accept cards so make sure you have cash
with you hotels and accommodation in Pakistan there are various types of accommodation in Pakistan depending on your budget you can choose where to stay Generally speaking, Pakistan is a cheap country to visit. During our stay in Pakistan We stayed in different types of accommodation from guest houses to a luxury hotel with the
high security. Right now we are in Serena Hotel in Swat. This hotel looks like a resort but without the beach It has really strong security we
had to go to the security and they checked our bags but the environment is
really nice. Tonight we are going to sleep here. It is the local’s home We also stayed a couple of nights in a very local inn in Ayun you can also book your accommodation in Islamabad online but the situation is different outside of Islamabad when you try to search for hotels online in smaller cities, you will probably only have a few options Get help from some locals to
book your accommodation Locals usually book hotels and guesthouses by calling in, and most likely, the prices will also be cheaper than the ones you see online What to Wear in Pakistan According to Pakistani laws, you can wear anything you want in the country but I wouldn’t recommend you to do so Pakistan is an
Islamic and conservative country so try to dress modestly. Pakistani men and
women wear a traditional costume called Shalwar Kameez, which is basically a
Which is basically a long shirt with loose trousers You will see a lot of women not covering their hair in Islamabad but the situation varies region by region In some areas, females not only cover their body and head, but they cover their faces too. I would
recommend females to carry a shawl with you o you can cover your hair when necessary, especially when you are going to visit mosques or other religious attractions Food in Pakistan Pakistani food is very delicious I must
say we really enjoyed all the Pakistani dishes we’ve tried. Pakistani food can be
spicy but not extremely spicy if you like me, don’t have a strong stomach
always ask for a lesser spicy food There is no pork in the country, but you can find other types of meat like chicken, fish lamb, beef and even goat all around Pakistan unfortunately most Pakistani dishes are
not vegetarian friendly but you should be able to find some vegetarian options
this is chicken curry Be ready to feel like a celebrity I live in England but I am Italian There aren’t many foreign tourists in Pakistan because of this most Pakistani are not used to tourists they might stare at you
or come to you for small talk or even ask for a selfie this is how they try to
show their hospitality. people in Pakistan are very kind and friendly they
want you to feel welcome and you will probably get invited for tea or
sometimes even for a dinner We are invited for tea
how lovely if you don’t like attracting attention
it might be a good idea to dress up like the locals I can’t guarantee that you
won’t stand out but different clothing makes it obvious that you are not from
the country Amazing landscapes and rough roads in Pakistan Pakistan is home to some of the highest peaks in the world there are beautiful landscapes and amazing
mountains all over the country but getting somewhere to go for a hike is
not very convenient there aren’t many motorways in the
country the roads can be very rough and sometimes quite dangerous this is why
traveling by car from one part of Pakistan to another can take hours
and sometimes even days. Flying domestically could be an option but the number of daily flights is limited the price is usually quite high and flights get cancelled all the times due to bad weather Carry some toilet paper with you Some of the public toilets in Pakistan don’t provide toilet paper at all especially when you are on the road. Toilets at the airport and the malls do provide it but you should sometimes ask the cleaner to give it to you I would suggest carrying your own toilet paper or wipes just to be safe Take your trash back with you when you travel to rural areas in
Pakistan you will see a lot of rubbish in the streets or even in nature
including plastic bottles, plastic bags or other things. We also saw a group of
young people have been cleaning up some areas but they were not sure what they
were supposed to do with the pile of rubbish they collected. After talking to
some locals we found that there isn’t a proper disposal system in many
areas in Pakistan. Some villages have to send their rubbish to the bigger cities
which can cost them a lot. Of course it won’t be possible to clean and collect
all the rubbish wherever you go but it will help if you can collect your own
trash and take it back to Islamabad or even to your home if you want to go the
extra mile I hope you enjoy your trip to Pakistan I
also wrote a couple of posts with more details on my blog so you can go there
and check them out same as always thanks for watching and
see you in the next video

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