Top Pop – A new concept of vacation (EN – FR – PT)

By | February 27, 2020

Suspense Speed Adventure When was the last time,
you had a TOP emotion? Imagine yourself on a dive vacation
for both diver and none divers, on the sunniest country in Europe, enjoying at the same time 900 years
of tradition, culture and history. Are you a diver? Great! If you are a diver, you can find
all kinds of amusement. Diving for simple recreation in shallow
water or for a most demanding tech dive, with wonderful wrecks and amazing
underwater live and landscapes. You can also find underwater scooters tours,
rebreathers try dives and dives. Underwater communications
are also available for you, to share the moment
with your loved ones. Hey, you must see this… Come here, buddy! Oh, wait a minute!
I’m coming. Freediving, scuba,…
The options are almost endless. Wait… If you’re not a diver, it’s the
perfect time to become one! It’s also the best chance you can have, to take that amazing diving speciality
that you’re wishing for a long time. All levels of education are available, from Try Dives to Pro courses. If dive is not for you, then you can always enjoy a full range of
sea and nautical activities as canoeing, surfing, windsurfing, ocean swims,
boat trips, knots workshops, and obviously…
…great sunbaths! What if, afterwards, you
would be able to “recover” from such a tremendous
morning on the water. Delighting yourself with the superb
Portuguese gastronomy and wines, seated on a restaurant
nearby a castle or a monastery, or meditating on a cliff facing
the magnificence of the Atlantic. And if you want to take a
day of the ocean, or two, you can go on hiking, camping, visit historical places, always enjoying Portuguese
hospitality and kindness. What are you waiting for? Book your next vacations right now and choose between the different
routes we have available for you. Make it your own way! Can we count on you? Storyboard Graphic Design Animation Editing Speech Synthesis Sound Design Cofinancing Music This video is the result of four months of work, some sleepless nights, many liters of water drunk and an almost forgotten kid in kindergarten…

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