#Ulietavamesi 2 – Najkrajší rezort s najhoršími raňajkami!

By | December 27, 2019

I’m going to give the boys the second flight ticket But I’m telling you… I’m anxious Hope they won’t kill me because I’ve chosen the best I found I survived! So what, boys? Are you excited? Nothing can be seen there! Oh! Domča, this is your fault! You’re making us nervous! Do you know what it should look like for me to be packed for anywhere? Like this! But the way I know Sorizzo, he’s going to take a pair of underpants and socks I couldn’t stand it, had to see them off It’s three of us here, but only two will leave Bye. Wait, I have something for you! I made you a snack for your journey so you’re not hungry! there you go, there you go Byezieees Normally, such departure takes 10 minutes For filmmakers it’s times three S: And it’s… S: Siem…
M: Wait… S: Siem Reap M: Siem Reap… I don’t know M: Siem Reap S: We are going to find out where Siem Reap is S: What crap did you take? OMG! Domča…! There’s so much garlic in it that if I breathe at somebody on the plane, their skin is gonna come off Sajfa (note: another Slovak vlogger) with his family goes this way and everyone else goes this way We are having a nine and a half hour flight and you know what it means. We’re going to get one, or maybe two meals. For which we are very excited, of course Bangkok. Thank you, Dominika, for this lovely flight. Charges in Switzerland? What do I need charges in Switzerland for when we are in Bangkok, Jeez…? S: Now an hour to Siem Reap… Siem Reep… I don’t know how you read it. M: Dominika, I hope the accommodation won’t be five hours by car again, aye? S: By the way, if you wanted to know what’s that horrible sound it’s this! So we’ve arrived and we’re in Cambodia! And we even have this buddy picking us up who’s gonna take us to the hotel so we’re very excited about that The moment we arrived we were give these wet wipes to freshen up And welcome drink This welcome drink We’re finally going “home”. Unlock that Pandora’s box! Who’s that?! It’s the two of you Just two hours later So… Aah! Well, that’s great! We’re after a dinner. Incredibly hot, but plentiful. Amazing local cuisine We stayed here S: I had amok M: He was pissed! S: No, really, a food is named like that M: We’re excited for the next day and for all of the things we are going to google, all the things that are around here The moment we woke up, we knew that Dominika nailed it! Because this is the only accommodation in all of Cambodia for the realest, true vloggers Perfectly illuminated room with generous double-wing terrace without mortgage and with an amazing view… …of the pool Dominika definitely understood our temperament and sensed our true desires and needs. Domča, this is the top. No one expected this. Thank you. Probably one of the best accommodations I’ve ever been to. It’s brutal, for real. This is really an experience. Thank you. It’s awesome. We are so relaxed that we are going to film anything you wish for anything you wiiiish for
M: everything We’re going to have breakfast and we’re back to you Stop. One more time. Sorry. Alright, enough of the silly stuff we ate everything we could We’ve edited everything we filmed up until now We have to work further! So…Off we go! Yeah? In Slovakia, phones ring, here the whole buildings ring, what do I tell you You have to pick up the building What do you say? It’s super! We are going to check traditional market A little hell! It’s a little crazy here All smells, taste, colours, shapes mix here Mops, brooms, silk… Clothes of all kind, fruit, vegetable… You can have a dog here, most likely Bed sheet… I tell you, there’s even a goldsmith, barbers are here You can get your nails, hair done here Little bags, calamari, shrimp, sea food… Whatever you want! Domca, thank you for this pick, very good country! As I’m passing by, there are moments when I’d love to eat something I feel like eating something but there are also moments when that feeling leaves me instantly Dude, awesome manicure! Fab! But we didn’t find the most important stuff Scorpions, maggots… Cockroaches… Crickets… Ants… Worms… And mushrooms! And mushrooms! OMG, by the way, mate, it’s very hot in here and I only have sneakers I have to buy flops Flops,hmmm Do you have flops, please?
(note: flops is also Slovak for frogs) Here’s Marek and he’s editing videos, right And as my task I’m supposed to shove Marek into this pool Of course, without him knowing I have camera ready here Here I go! Uuuh… let’s go… take a video, let’s take one picture by the pool If you have a second. Alright, bro, listen… M: Are you taking a video? Or what are you doing? S: I’m just taking a video for “Making of” Let’s stand here And now I’m thinking, you know how we write the vlogs… blogs for Generali Balans Try to, like, balance on the edge or something M: So I’m like on the edge Yeah, yeah, yeah! Wait! Yeah, but wait, turn the other way I guess Like, backwards M: So you’ll be frontside and I’ll be backwards? Right, wait, I’m going to take a picture This is great, okay? Three Two One Shooting! If you didn’t have that phone, you’d be there too! Hi, hello, friends! It’s Kim Sien here with us who has invited us into his own restaurant And what are we going to do now, Marek, tell us? We are going to have a typical Cambodian food Is this food going to be good? Oh, we are very excited then! We were originally scared that we’d be sick from everything but the only thing we do is that we are overeating and overeating All things possible and it’s amazing It’s delicious food, healthy, fresh And drinking water! Do you know where we haven’t been yet? In Angkor Wat! And do you wanna know how we got here and where did we go next? We are currently on the way to Angkor Wat, the biggest Cambodian landmark Has this really been built by people?! This is worth living for! I could have thought that! I let you out of sight for a bit and…! Dude, what are you doing? I wanted to sit! Yes! You have a wonderful shirt! We’d like to tell you that to all of the most beautiful places we visited we got there thanks to Kim who took us everywhere he could And he also took us to taste frogs, for example I’m going to taste a frog for the first time in my life Mate, are you going to eat that bodybuilder? That’s funny… It’s like the most tender chicken meat mixed with tuna Kim told us that he’s very proud of their speciality which is this fish That went through the fermentation process What does the fermentation process mean? It means that it rot, literally Rot It has been mixed with some veggies and now I’m going to eat it The smell cannot be described You’ll find everything here but it’s edible It’s weird, but it’s super
M: But it tastes M: different from whatever we know We are entering a place where people like Angelina Jolie, David Beckham go for breakfast, lunch, dinner It’s actually permanently closed it’s open only for private events and for these well-known celebrities An unbelievable place! And not only a place It’s unbelievable where we can get here! I’m convinced that many people were to Cambodia but none of them were here! What do I tell you, what kind of place is this? Marek is quickly shooting and filming some shots behind us, you see beautiful Instagram girls who are striking unbelievable poses but really, this place is made for pictures Sorizzo is trying to save it and explain to the girls why he wanted to crazy dance, but… Unfortunately, I’m not sure he can make it he probably didn’t convince them by his dancing Who knows why Dear Marek, in Cambodia, they really eat anything. Your challenge is to get a tarantula and stealthily put it into Sorizzo’s food. Sorizzo downloaded the materials and is going to cut so it’s about time I got a tuk-tuk and I’m going to the market to get what I need! Sorizzo, I’m really sorry, but… For real now, how do I take that tarantula? Do I take it in hand? Or, or… is there any packaging for tarantulas? If I had more time I’d let you vote “Is there or isn’t there a packaging? Advise me!” But I don’t have time so keep your fingers crossed and hopefully I’ll make it. Jeez, where am I supposed to find it? Dominika comes up with something and I have no clue Well, she’s packing it, lady I’m throwing up just looking at it How can they eat this? People, Domca said that I’m supposed to bring a tarantula, that was the challenge but I took a little more! Sorizzo doesn’t clean up, he’s not gonna find it here. I was thinking what do I tell him how do I excuse myself but, he has no idea, he is working still, look… Bro, we have to do some editing! *Chewbacca noises* Sorizzo is taking a shower It’s time to fulfill my mission Bro? S: Yeah? Listen, I’m going to make oatmeal for breakfast when we have them so we don’t take them back home Would you like some? S: Well… Yeah, yeah Alright, good, I’ll make some for you, too S: Good. I hid the GoPro here Here’s the camera hidden Yeah, optimally with tarantulas Here I go… Yuck! That’s so disgusting! Listen, what are we going to do today? Those monasteries, or do we go there later? I don’t know. Let’s edit it first, probably and let’s go then somehow Wait, listen, listen Don’t…don’t do anything, don’t do anything yet, let’s agree, let’s agree on the takes, you know Let’s agree, but… M: The food, I would…you know S: Today… we have a minimum for today Listen, bro, I’ll take a pic like this Turn the Powerlogy towards me It’s gonna make them happy Wait, I’ll put this aside Crap, I’m gonna break it You know, like breakfast This is a lot of advertisement, no? Well, you don’t have to turn it all the way, but… S: But, you know, I have it everywhere with me S: Has to be Could you strike a pose? M: But like… S: What’s an action pose? Wait… M: Don’t act like it’s vegan food, Jeez! S: Well, and what is it? Pork? Something like…you know… You’re on the roll! You do your thing! So I go like… I scoop a lot, like… M: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, like… M: You’re hungry S: Wait, there’s something M: What? S: What did fall in here?
M: I’m recording What did fall in here? M: What do you have there? Mate, what’s that? Alright, c’mon, let’s shoot, like… What happened? Did you put it there, mate?! You’re a complete moron! You made it, mate I’m not talking to you What sane person comes up with this, mate? Tell me who in their right mind comes up with this? But do you know how long did it take to get it? I don’t know why Dominika went crazy with those Instagram challenges, of course you guys are gonna vote for whatever stupidity anyway, we went crazy, too and you’ll see our first soap opera in a bit Well, why in a bit. Right now! SHV TV presents Cambodian-Slovak co-production soap opera from social networks “Dominika’s challenge” In Cambodia, the guys are having… …a good time! I made a decision. I’ll let them taste crocodile meat But I do not want to be to blame What do we have fans for? Year 2024 Rokkhak River Resort – Cambodia Hey, Sorizzos! Have you seen what backstabbing story Domca shared on Instagram?! No, Markus. Tell me, what? This one! That bish! She got out of it! Exactly! There’s nothing we can do about it. So this is how we ended. You voted that we should eat crocodile meat! The problem is that we don’t know where to get it We are going to go after crocodile meat! We drove 30 kilometers by this shaky tuk-tuk and we found ourselves on this boat! And we sailed another x kilometers on that boat Until we found ourselves in this restaurant! We are at a crocodile farm which is right here under us! It’s a beautiful cycle: if there are any misbehaving tourists the crocodiles simply have to eat… In this kitchen they will prepare our ordered crocodile meat And we are going to take a look and check it! I always wanted to check how do they prepare it and now I have the opportunity so my dream came true! This is our cook Dominika, we made it to Kompong Phluk and we are going to try, for the first time, crocodile meat It’s tasty! Really. It’s tougher but it’s really delicious We’ve fulfilled the challenge! Domca, you made it up well! Yeah, yeah We didn’t know what it takes to eat crocodile meat, but… now we know It’s tough, but we have a sunset behind us that makes up for it M: For this meat toughness!
S: Thanks a lot.
M:Bye. This is absolutely crazy! This is a boat race! A boat race on the river! Like, I don’t want to be a hater but how can I be challenged to shove Marek to the pool and his challenge is to give me a tarantula to the food I got angry so I let people on Instagram vote whether Marek should also eat a tarantula because I think it’s simply unfair Thanks for that restricted luggage, really Do you know the basic rule of Ulietavamesi? In every single destination we have to play rock-paper-scissors and the one who loses has to spend one night outside! One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! I probably don’t mind at all but I don’t know where I’ll go. I’m walking down the street and all of a sudden… a music! So I take a turn there and there’s a local gig with local musicians I sat with them for a bit It was very pleasant. Cheers! Marek’s gonna be snoring already I bet he went to bed the second I’ve left I’m not afraid for Sorizzo, not at all I can finally sleep! I’m very excited I can finally sleep! I’m more afraid whether we’ll be able to shoot tomorrow whether he’s not gonna end up at some party This is an incredible party! Friends, formerly this was Khmer Empire And today it’s what?! Sorizzo’s cityyyyyyyyy!!! They have amazing food, it’s hot here and there’s music everywhere! It’s 3 in the morning and I’m totally exhausted I’m without any energy Damn, this is some speed! I haven’t seen pancakes made like this Everything here looks, tastes unbelievably It’s amazing! I’ve tasted everything, been everywhere, seen everything I have not recorded everything, of course They have closed majority of the places Do you know what genius idea I had? If it was okay that Marek slept in the car the other time I’m going to lie on the sunbed next to our pool and that’s it! It’s 5:40AM, but I’m going for a swim In every case, if only every draw was like this that the one who loses is actually excited that he won I imagined something like this that I’d go for a swim at 5 Listen, the clothes are probably dry What are you eating? Even though we’re still in our room we’re leaving And Marek is trying very, very hard but it’s not gonna work out He’s not gonna get out of the challenge he lost And that is… to eat… a tarantula he bought for my food! It waited for him. You were asking if it’s real How am I supposed to prove it is? Yuck! I’m telling myself it’s not possible, it’s been a challenge and Marek lost it, damn! And I can’t end up with the challenge being shoving him to the pool! What BS is that? So, Marek… Scorpio? Tarantula? Listen, you can still see the hair! Yuck! Well, there you go! The legs… Crunchy! Thank you for supporting this crazy idea, Marek is fed and we can go home! I’m a bit confused That’s all from Cambodia, folks! Bye! And see ya in next episode of Ulietavamesi! Ciao!

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  1. František Tell Post author

    Paráda! Úžasná destinácia. ☺ Ďakujem za content. 'Sajfa z rodinou tade a my tade' xD xD… btw, vyprážanú tarantulu by som chcel niekedy ochutnať 😁 Viem, že to je v niektorých krajinách taká tá, miestna "pochúťka"😀😀😀

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    Sorizzov obľúbený vyrok po zjedeni cesnaku:Keď na niekoho dychnem tak mu zleze koža z hlavy! 😀😀😀

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    Tak toto ste dali úplne top:) skvelé zábery, skvelí humor, skvelí ľudia. A Sorizzo mohol trošku tej tarantuly ochutnať:D

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    Wooow, tak tomuto sa hovorí VLOG, klobúk dole! Akčný, zaujímavý, vtipný, nápaditý, no jednoducho fantázia. Rovno sa mi Kambodža zamilovala. Aj by som Vám niečo vytkol, keďže kritika sa vždy zíde 😀 ale jednoducho nemám čo 😮 Som miestami aj dýchať zabúdal. Paráda 🙂

    P.S. Tak ako pri prvom tripe do Portulagska, tak aj tu by som sa spýtal, že aký dlhý materiál ste spracovávali? Keďže minule to boli 2 hodiny, tak neviem, tipnem 5 hodín?

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    Chalani to video bolo úžasné! 😀 Takýto nejaký projekt, so skvelými ľuďmi, ako ste vy, tu fakt chýbal! 🙂

    PS: Sorizzo, je v pláne dať na vašu stránku aj ostatné karaoke verzie vašich pesničiek? (ktoré vyšli po Nový svet) Ten podmaz z ,,Najviac čo sme zažili" na pozadí je totiž skvelý! 🙂

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    Zdravím, rád by som sa opýtal akú máte výbavu na nahrávanie (camery, foťáky…) tie zábery sú božské, len tak ďalej 🔥


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