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By | March 4, 2020

[music playing] Hey everyone, I’m Antoinette and welcome
back to my channel! When I took a trip to Paris I visited the gorgeous Chateau
de Versailles and I’m here to bring you some tips that’ll make your experience
that much more memorable and enjoyable. So if you’re interested, give this
video a thumbs up, click that subscribe button, and let’s get into it. My first
tip is to book your tickets in advance. Versailles is a really popular
destination and a UNESCO world heritage site. So as you can imagine, there’s a lot
of tourists that want to see the gorgeous palace.
By booking your tickets online you don’t have to wait in the tickets [line] to buy
your ticket. You can just wait in the line to get through the security entrance. If
you buy your tickets in advance, you can save a lot of standing around. I
purchased the Paris Museum Pass, which gave me admission into the Chateau as
well as the gardens and a couple of the different properties on-site; but you can
also book tickets directly through their website. Did you also know that you
can get free admission to Versailles on the first Sundays of the month from
November to March? Keep in mind this is also the coldest, wettest, rainiest time
to go but if you don’t mind braving the elements you can get free admission.
Other than that, if anyone tries to sell you tickets to Versailles for Monday
don’t listen to them, don’t even bother. Just walk away because the palace is
closed on Mondays. My next tip deals with how to get there. There’s a number of
different ways to get to Versailles. I took the RER-C train and got off on the
“Chateau Versailles – Rive Gauche” exi,t which it’s about a half mile walk or
like a 10-minute walk. You can also take SNCF train as well. I did a whole video
on Paris public transportation options so click on the card above to get more
information. You can also take the Versailles Express Bus which leaves
outside of the Eiffel Tower, or you can book a coach to take you there, or take a
car. It’s about a 40-minute drive or about 1hr – 1hr 15minutes
via public transportation. Tip number three is prepare yourself to stay four
hours. Versailles is a massive three-mile property and so you’re gonna inevitably
spend a lot of time there. Not only will you get to see the Chateau itself and
all the different staterooms as well as the
Hall of Mirrors and the King’s Chamber, but once you walk outside of the palace
you can see the exquisite gardens. You can see the fountains, you can see the
estates of Trianon, which are Marie Antoinette’s Petit and Grand Trianon as
well as the Queen’s Hamlet, the stables. If you buy a separate ticket you can
also see the fountain show, which is only available on select days; but
nevertheless prepare to stay for hours. There’s a lot to see and it is all
1,000% worth spending the time there. As such, my next tip is to wear
comfortable shoes because you’re gonna be on your feet looking and being in awe of
everything. You want to be as comfortable as possible so wear comfortable shoes.
Versailles is also handicap accessible, so if you have anyone that’s in a
wheelchair or requires a walker they have wheelchairs available for you to use on
the property as well as lifts in the Chateau. Next, consider your
transportation options. These aren’t the same options I just gave you to get to
Versailles, this is once you’re on site on the property. There’s a couple of
different ways you can go about visiting the rest of Versailles. I personally
walked and I got lost, but, whatever. It is what it is! But you can also take
a tram – and this is of course an extra cost … but you can pay for a tram. You can
even rent a golf cart. You can take a Segway tour and you can even go on a
bike tour of the property. There’s a link down below to a reputable bike tour
company that I know of or you can just rent a bike on-site – it’s up to you. You
can also get on a boat and just roll yourself through the Palace Gardens if
you want to do that, too. I walked and then when I could walk no
more, I jumped on a tram at Marie Antoinette’s Grand Trianon. That took
me right back to the beginning of the chateau. What would your method be or
what combination methods would you choose to go at while visiting
Versailles? Would you walk? Would you take a Segway? Would you want a bike? What
would you like to do? Just put it down in the comments down below. Continuing on
with tip number six: get the audio guide or download the mobile app. Both the
audio guide and the mobile app will really enrich your experience. Versailles
has a bunch of a rich, really, really, rich history and there’s a lot of drama with
that, too. So if you went history as well as some juicy drama check out those guides.
They give you the skinny on the property during war, what went on with Marie
Antoinette and her husband in the French Revolution, as well as some great insight
into the artworks as well as the architecture of the entire estate. So
pick one of those up, it’s free, or download the mobile app. It’s completely
free and it’ll make your experience that much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to take
care of yourself while you’re there. I mean, you’re gonna be there for hours.
As glorious as it is, you’re gonna kind of start wearing down after a period of
time. While I was visiting the inside of the Chateau it was a beautiful moderate
temperature – no problems there; but once I got to the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace
of Versailles. it was hot! As you can imagine, there were like 14, 15 mirrors
just booming … just reflecting the heat. While you’re there, definitely remove
your coat because it is hot! Then once you get outside and look at all the
gardens, Versailles is expansive but there’s not a ton of shade there. You’ve
got concrete and you’ve got beautiful garden displays. So before you go
– if you’re going during a warmer month – wear a light hat, wear a light jacket, or if
you can fit a smaller petite umbrella in your bag definitely do so. Stay hydrated,
wear some sunblock because that sun is going to boom right down on your skin.
If you burn I’m sorry, wear your sunblock to avoid that, but definitely
take care of yourself. If you’re hungry, there are over ten restaurants at
Versailles from near the palace and inside the palace to each of the Estates
and in the gardens. Those restaurants are kind of expensive so definitely eat a
hearty large breakfast before you go and maybe pick up a snack or a sandwich
while you’re there. This is what I picked up when I was there. It was a
delicious sandwich and a beautiful .. like, light … like, oh my gosh! I can’t even
describe it. It was like a light, cream, raspberry, tart it was a delicious …
but it cost me a little bit of money. There’s fine dining there as well as
kind of outdoor pick-me-ups and ice cream. There’s options and you can even
eat in the grass in some areas. Tip number nine is a photographer’s dream! It
is: photography is allowed, so take pictures everywhere! Of course you can’t
use flash because there’s a lot of historical artifacts there; but you can
snap pictures on the inside, you can snap pictures of the gardens on the outside.
When I went, I found another solo traveler … or actually she found me … and we
were taking pictures of each other there. Photography is allowed so photograph
everything your heart desires. Because at Versailles, there is no corner left
undecorated. They spared no expense and so take pictures of it all so people
will believe you at what you saw when you get back home. And my last tip for
visiting Versailles is to enjoy yourself. Relax, smile, have a great time. You’ll
learn a lot, and you’ll see a lot, and it’s almost kind of like visual overload
because there’s so much to take in and it’s all breathtakingly beautiful. I have
not seen a palace in the world as beautiful as Versailles so smile, enjoy
yourself, take your time viewing and you’ll have an amazing time. So, that’s
it everybody! Those are my tips to visiting Versailles. If you liked this
video and found it useful, give it a thumbs up and also share it with anyone
who’s planning a trip to Versailles and to Paris. Also, don’t forget to click
that subscribe button so you can get notified of when I’ll post a new video.
If you have any questions, leave a comment down below and don’t forget to
check out my videos on planning a trip to Paris, including: the Paris Museum Pass,
and How to Get Around Paris on a Budget using public transportation, as well as
some Frequently Asked Questions. You do not want to miss those and like I always
like to say: now that you know a few tips about visiting Versailles, it’s time for
you to get excited about your visit; have the courage to buy that museum pass, book
those tickets in advance; and then go and see everything Versailles has to offer.
I’ll catch you in the next video, bye y’all! [music playing]

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