Visiting KidZania at the Dubai Mall

By | March 7, 2020

Today we are sending our kids to work. Well, not really, but we are visiting Kidzania,
a pint-sized city in the Dubai Mall where the kids will have the chance to try a few
potential careers. We arrived to find a mini airport terminal,
and check in here went a lot more smoothly than we are used to the airport. As we registered, each or our kids was given
$50 Kidzania dollars before they even started their workday, and so it seemed like it would
be up to us parents to keep them on track during the day. What else is new. However, I was happy to see that they were
given wristbands before entering, ensuring that they can get lost on the job. “Look at mine” As we made our way into the mini metropolis,
the kids posed for a couple quick photos, and then began to explore, finding mini shops
along the pathway into the city and growing more excited by the minute. I spotted the theatre and was hoping to catch
a show, but our first stop would be the bank, where the kids learned about cashing a cheque
– too bad they hadn’t earned it yet but that would soon change. Back on the streets, we had to look both ways
before crossing the street, great lesson, and we continued to explore our new surroundings. Finding the fire department was a good start. We then spotted the national archives, the
calligraphy centre, and even the car repair shop, which is not a place I ever like visiting. We couldn’t help but notice the cookie and
candy station, so we have to promise to come back to that one later. Our ambitious daughter decided to start the
day by enrolling in university, which came with he promise of added benefits. Since he wasn’t old enough for school, our
little guy decided to put his building skills to work, something he is well practiced in. With a little instruction, we went to work
constructing a brick wall, applying a layer of bricks across one side, before finishing
up with a layer of cement. For his effort, he earned his first bit of
pay in Kidzania. “You built a wall?” “Yeah, I built this side wall.” “Yeah? And did you make any money?” “Yup”
“How much?” “One”
“No ten” “Ten?’ “Yeah look at the other side.” “Ten!” “Pretty good” Let’s check in on out scholar… “Did you earn your degree?” “What”
“That’s pretty impressive. Did you get some help? Did you cheat?” “Yeah? You got a lot of help didn’t you?” “A little too young for that. Come on.” Now that she had the fancy degree, it was
time for her to earn a little money as well. She started out at the delivery service, where
she discovered that a little extra pay came with her education. We were happy to se e that she was anxious
to do the job right, and she even rushed to ensure same day delivery. “Alright.’ “You got your package?” Better go deliver it to the office. Let’s go.” “Put in here they said?” “Yeah, you have to go take it the office that
gave it to you.” “They said put it in here.” “It’s OK. You don’t need to. Just carry it.” Pay day! Now she was starting to learn why Mom and
Dad are always working. “Got money?” “Good job” Meanwhile, our little man was anxious to ride
the go carts, but first he needed a license. “Then green?” “Go” OK, check. Now it was time to spend those earnings on
the race course. He sees his Dad drive all the time, and thankfully
learned enough to know to buckle his seatbelt, but he quickly discovered that driving is
no easy task. Thankfully, the friendly guys overseeing the
course helped him get on track. I don’t think he’ll be as anxious to drive
next time we hop in a car, but after a few laps around the track, he built up an appetite. Good thing there is a McDonald’s on site. The only catch is, this is a McDonald where
the kids help run the show, putting on gloves, a hat, and an apron and helping to prepare
their happy meal. I don’t think our little guy was thrilled
with the job but he felt better when we got to pick his own toy. “You got a toy? What did you get?” “Open it up”
“Oh, that looks like a pretty cool car.” His big sister was a little more interested
in preparing a hamburger her way and she clearly enjoyed the fruits of her labour. When lunchtime was over, it was back to work,
starting with a little cleaning. “Clean up!” As you can see, not one of her finer skills. The little guy had his eye on one particular
job the moment he arrived, and so he took the opportunity to join the Dubai police force,
where he and his team of peacemakers patrol the city to make sure that everything was
in order on the streets of Kidzania. “More money?” Next up, it was time to learn the ancient
art of pottery, another task that our kids greatly enjoyed, as they diligently followed
the guidance of their trainer in an effort to master the skill. After finishing with the mold, they then had
a chance to add some colour. Any time the paints come out, our kids are
happy. We had time for a couple more jobs before
day’s end, and so of course we had to stop in to the chocolate factory, and a lot of
other kids had the same idea. After that, it was on to the ice cream shop,
where the kids were a little overwhelmed by the flavour options and the fact that they
would be able to scoop it themselves. At day’s end, sitting on the bench eating
ice cream seemed like a pretty good reward.

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